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Wealth Accumulation

We can help you develop investment strategies to build wealth prudently and tax effectively to help you become financially independent... and to provide a more financially secure retirement.

Wealth accumulation will often incorporate many of the different service areas we cover. It requires careful planning which should take into consideration the following key areas:

  • The amount of risk you are prepared to take;
  • The tax structures used;
  • Ownership structures; and
  • The types of assets invested in.

Wealth accumulation strategies often incorporate structures both inside and outside of superannuation. The concessional tax treatment of superannuation is the major benefit, with the downside being the limitations on accessibility. That is why it can often be beneficial to also utilise non-superannuation structures in case access to your savings is required.


Personal & Business Risk Insurance

Working together to ensure you have appropriate and affordable cover in place.

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Estate Planning

Assisting you to ensure your wealth is distributed as per your wishes.

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Super & SMSF

We are able to advise on all aspects of superannuation to best suit your needs.

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